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  • Geemy GM-518A

    Features: High Quality Pen Design for shaving body hairs on eyebrow, ear, hair, arms and legs Comes with a brush to clean the hair on the blade Eyebrow comb, length adjustable With power switch, easy to use, safe and reliable AAA battery for power supply Convenient to carry Specifications: Color: Pink Battery: 1 x AAA Battery (not included) Package include: 1 x Eyebrow Shaver 1 x Brush 1 x Comb
    Rs. 2,000.00 Rs. 1,290.00 Add to cart
  • Aichun Beauty Body Creams Armpit Whitening Cream Between Legs Knees Private Parts Whitening Formula Armpit Whitener

    • 100% brand new and high quality
    • Contains a variety of extraction essence, which are safe, mild, natural, skin-friendly, non-toxic and harmless to your skin.
    • Helps to repair thick pores, dilute melanin and remove peculiar smell so that the skin whitening smooth
    • Suitable to be used on armpit and other intimate body parts.
    • Portable size is convenient to carry and easy to use.
    • After cleaning the skin, take appropriate amount of cream
    • Evenly applied to the skin
    • Gently massage to absorb
    • Suggestions sooner or later
    • Gender: Women
    • Net Content: 50g
    Rs. 1,800.00 Rs. 1,200.00 Add to cart
  • Dr. Rashel – Milk & Honey Hair Removal Cream 110M

    • Specially Formulated To Prevent Redness, Oily And Itchy Skin Helps
    • Clarify And Hydrate The Skin To Promote A Soft And Supple Skin Superior Formulation Ensures
    • Deep Penetration For Enhanced Effects
    Rs. 950.00 Add to cart
  • Deadly Shark Power 48000 Delay Spray for Men Lubricant (40 ml)

    power spray, extended sex time, external, non-toxic no side effects. The persons who have only 2 or 4 minutes sex time, they can enhance their sex time 2-3 hrs after use of this liquid. Specially use for you and your sex partners satisfaction.Highly effective long time spray for men, easy to use and no side effect. Apply to front of penis before 15-20 minutes and then enjoy for long time. Very good spray for those who have only 3-4 minutes sex time Prolongs X excitement
    • Lessen Sensitivity During Intercourse
    • Prevent Premature Ejaculation
    • Powerful Hold For Long Lasting
    • For External Use Only
      How To Use:
    • Use 15 minutes before intercourse.
    • Wash your penis 1st.
    • Apply 3 short sprays on penis
    • 1st on the top of penis, 2nd on the center of penis & 3rd on below part of penis.
    Rs. 1,500.00 Add to cart
  • Jaguar Power 3in1 Enlargement Men Gel

    3 in 1

    • Enlargement
    • Last Long delay
    • Increase Excitement

    Product details

    • Highly potent sexual excitement for men
    • Herbal extract will increase blood supply and could make erection last longer
    • Regular use will activate metabolic activity and strengthen connective tissue
    • Very strong product, with new and advanced formulations
    • Very carefully tested by Doctors
    • Made in Thailand & German herbal gel and safe with no side effects
    Rs. 2,900.00 Rs. 2,300.00 Add to cart
  • Enlargement Pump for Men

    ශක්තිමත් බව හා ප්‍රමාණය අඩුද? ඔබගේත්/ ඇයගේත් සතුට පවත්වාගෙන යෑමට ස්වභාවික ක්‍රමයක්. වැකුම් තාක්ෂණය මගින් ශීෂ්ණය විශාල කර ගැනීමට ලෝකයේ පිළිගත් හොදම ක්‍රමය සහ ලෝකයේ එකම නිෂ්පාදන අතරින් එකකි.
    හඳුන්වා දෙන මිල රුපියල් 4500/= ප්‍රතිඵල 100% සාර්ථකයි. අතුරු ආබාධ නොමැත. ගෙන්වා ගැනීමට නම/ ලිපිණය/ දුරකථන අංකය ලබා දෙන්න. පිටතට නොපෙනෙන පරිදි රහසිගතව ඇසුරුම් කර එවන්නෙමි. For order contact 0777 19 22 30 whatsapp/ viber/ imo All island wide delivery...
    Rs. 5,000.00 Rs. 4,500.00 Add to cart

    Original Viga 50000 Delay Spray For Men Using Super Viga 50000 Delay Spray at least five minutes before making love will

    Product details of VIGA 50000 Delay Special Herbal Spray For Men

    • Makes Penile body strong and powerful & Delay
    • Increases sexual desires
    • Helps in increasing the Penis stamina
    Rs. 2,000.00 Rs. 1,500.00 Add to cart
  • FROZEN Collagen 2 in 1 Whitening Capsule with GLUTATHIONE – 60 capsules

    • මුලු ශරීරයම එකම වර්ණයක් කරගන්න කැමති ඔයාලට... දුර්වර්ණය ද නැති කර මුහුණේ ඇති කුරුලෑ නැති කරමින් ස්වභාවික දිදුලන සමක් ලබා ගත හැක..ඔයාලට බයක් සැකයක් නැතුව භාවිතා කරන්න පුලුවන්...ඒ වගේම තමයි,,මේ Product එක ජපානයේ නිශ්පාදිත එකක්..
    • Nourishes skin to be radiant
    • Reduces acne
    • Reduces freckles, and dark spots
    • Nurtures pink lips and nipples, nails and hair to be healthy
    • Promotes skin to be moisturised and smooth
    • Premium collagen peptide 9,000 mg.
    • L-Glutathione 3,000 mg.
      Price : Rs.2,300/=  we do island wide delivery!!!!!  Contact 0777 19 22 30
    Rs. 2,300.00 Add to cart
  • Aichun Body Lotion Whitening Cream 120ml

    මිල රු 1300 ක් පමණි. face and body whitening cream අතුරු අබාධ නැතිව සුදු වෙන්න ඕන අයට මුණට නෙමෙයි මුලු ඇගටම මේ cream එක භාවිතා කරලා දින 7 - 14 ත් අතර සුදු වෙන්න පුලුවන් Feature: Whitening and brighten both face & body immediately Can be used alone or be mixed with foundation Feature non-greasy texture Not only whitens & brightens your skin,but also makes skin tone even.Further more, it mosturizes your skin ,making your skin soft and silky   Price : Rs.1,300  Contact 0777 19 22 30 we do island wide delivery....
    Rs. 1,300.00 Add to cart
  • 24k Goldzan AMPOULE Serum 100ml

    24k goldzan serum නිශ්පාදනය තරුණ සමක් ලබා ගැනීමට The highly concentrated ampoule is formulated with visible flecks of Gold and enriched with 7 different peptides. The product is very effective in treating skin ageing including wrinkle and sagging skin by combining 24K pure gold (99.9%) which is especially effective for anti-aging with 7 kinds of peptide.  Contact  0777 19 2230 we do island wide delivery....
    Rs. 2,700.00 Add to cart
  • DR.RASHEL Breast Enlargement Cream

    DR.RASHEL Breast Enlargement Cream Bust Enhance Gel Chest Massage Lotion Honey Yeast Collagen Also We Deliver All Island Wide.

    📞To Order Contact Our Hotline Number : 0777 1922 30

    Rs. 2,250.00 Rs. 1,600.00 Add to cart
  • Finishing Touch Flawless Women Painless Hair Remover

    It Removes Facial Hair Instantly & Painlessly from lip, chin, cheeks!!!! Also it safe on all skin types & tones. Dermatologist Approved…. No More Cuts From Razors….. Easy to clean We Deliver All Island Wide.

    📞To Order Contact Our Hotline Number : 0777 192 230

    Rs. 2,000.00 Rs. 1,400.00 Add to cart
  • DR RASHEL Slimming Slim Line Hot Cream

    Dr.Rashel slimming cream helps burn fat accumulated on the skin, lose weight and tightens the skin..... Also We Deliver All Island Wide.

    📞To Order Contact Our Hotline Number : 0777 19 22 30

    Rs. 2,500.00 Rs. 950.00 Add to cart
  • DR.RASHEL Breast Lifting Fast Cream Bust Enhancement Lotion 150 g

    • Product details of Dr.Rashel Breast Lift Cream

      • Product Name:Breast Lifting Fast Cream
      • Brand:Dr Rashel
      • Weight: 150g
      • Preferably use it twice a day,
      • morning and evening.
    • Dr.Rashel Breast Lifting Fast Cream is a mixture of 7 magic oils to prevent breast sagging and to lift the breast in a natural way, which is safe without any harm for your Breast
    We Deliver Island wide

    Contact : 0777 19 22 30

    Rs. 2,000.00 Rs. 1,200.00 Add to cart
  • OPTIMALS Exfoliating Face Scrub

    Optimals offers a wide portfolio to meet all ages and all skin types. Optimals Exfoliating Face Scrub is a rich, creamy-textured exfoliating facial cleanser formulated with a Swedish natural ingredient blend of Apple Extract and Rowan Berry.
    • Formulated to reveal a refreshed and radiant complexion
    • Helps refine skin texture
    • Helps minimise the appearance of pores
    • Designed to leave skin soft and smooth
    • Dermatologically tested
    All products contain the patented antioxidant technology Lingon 50:50™ + a customised active specially selected for your skin needs, making it easy to reach your ideal skin.
    Rs. 1,699.00 Rs. 1,449.00 Add to cart
  • Silk Beauty White Glow Soap Bar

    All Silk Beauty products contain softening Silk Proteins and Orchid Flower extracts that offer hydrating formulations in pleasurable textures to gently cleanse, deodorise and soften your skin while offering an alluring and sensuous fragrance.
    Rs. 369.00 Add to cart
  • Feet Up Comfort Daily Softening Foot Cream

    Say good-bye to dryness and hello to soft, healthy feet with the conditioning properties of natural Arnica and Jojoba. Feet Up Comfort Daily Softening Foot Cream is formulated with a wonderfully smooth texture and is easy to apply and ideal for providing daily moisturisation without any greasiness. Dermatologically tested. We recommend the following simple steps for the perfect Feet Up Comfort routine: STEP 1. Relaxing Bath Soak (32375) – the perfect foot tonic after a long day. STEP 2. Stimulating Foot Scrub (32373) – exfoliates your feet in preparation for your foot cream. STEP 3. Daily Softening Foot Cream (32369) – great for morning use because it absorbs quickly, with no greasy residue. STEP 4. Overnight Moisturising Foot Cream (32370) – the ultimate night-time treat. Use with Feet Up Comfort Socks for best results! STEP 5. Reviving Foot Spray (32372) – use at any time to refresh your feet or shoes.
    Rs. 1,799.00 Rs. 899.00 Add to cart
  • Milk & Honey Gold Conditioner

    Knowing the benefits of milk and honey, we have created the indulgent Milk & Honey Gold collection. Offering a wide range of nourishing and rich formulations for your face, hair and body that provide you with the ultimate pampering experience.
    Milk Rich in moisturising and conditioning vitamins, minerals and proteins, which improve the hair’s strength and natural shine. Honey Sugar-rich ingredient containing vitamins, minerals and folic acid. Moisturises, softens and smoothes hair to impart amazing shine.

    All Ingredients

    How To Use
    1. Shampoo hair and rinse.
    2. Distribute conditioner evenly through hair from mid-length to tip.
    3. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
    For the best results shampoo with 31708 Milk & Honey Gold Shampoo. Replace conditioner with 31710 Milk & Honey Hair Mask once a week.
    Rs. 1,799.00 Rs. 1,439.00 Add to cart

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  • Land for sale in Homagama

    හෝමාගම මාගම්මන බටහේම පාරේ හිස් ඉඩමක් විකිණීමට.

    • 128 කිරිවත්තුඩුව මහරගම බස් පාරට
    • මීටර් 100යි
    • පර්චස් 8යි.
    • නිස්කලන්ක පරිසරය.
    • සියලු පහසුකම් සහිතයි.

    පර්චස් 1ක් ලක්‍ෂ 4යි. විස්තර සදහා අමතන්න : 0779633640--

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  • House for sale in Butgamuwa Road Rajagiriya

    • 6 bedrooms
    • 4 Bathrooms
    • 55 Perchs
    • 50m to budgamuwa road
    • very close to School, bank ,supermarket, daycare,

    Price 145 Million Call 0779633640

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  • House for Sale in Pannipitiya

    පන්නිපිටිය පොල්වත්ත පාරේ එම පාරට මූණලා නිවසක් විකිණීම.

    • කාමර 4යි
    • නානකාමර 2යි
    • පර්චස් 15යි.
    • 174 බස් පාරට මීටර් 200යි.
    • මහරගමට විනාඩි 5යි.
    • පදිංචියට හෝ ව්‍යාපාරයක් සදහා සුදුසුයි.

    ලක්‍ෂ 320යි. පරික්ෂා කර මිල ගණන් කථාරගත හැකිය. විස්තර සදහා අමතන්න 0779633640-

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  • House for Rent in Piliyandala

    පිළියන්දල කාමර 3ක නිවසක් කුලියට දීමට. උපරිම තිදෙනෙකු සඳහා. Price Negotiable අමතන්න: 076 9305630 / 076 64 18 692
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  • Land for Sale in Baththaramulla

    බත්තරමුල්ල කොස්වත්ත ව්‍යාපාරයකට හෝ පදිංචියට සුදුසු ඉඩමක් විකිණීමට.

    • පර්චස් 22යි.
    • වටිනා ඉඩමකි.
    • ලාෆ් සුපර්මාර්කට් එකට මීටර් 100යි.
    • නිස්කලන්ක පරිසරය.
    • ඉඩමේ පැත්තක් වෙල් යායකට මූණලා ඇත.
    • කඩුවෙල බත්තරමුල්ල (177) ප්‍රධාන පාරට මීටර් 100යි.

    පර්චස් 1ක් ලක්‍ෂ 17  බැගින් විකිණේ. විස්තර සදහා අමතන්න 0779633640

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  • House with land Kiribathgoda

    කිරිබත්ගොඩ සිරිමාවෝ බංඩාරනායක මාවතේ පැරණි නිවසක් සමග ඉඩම විකිණීමට.

    • පර්චස් 20යි.
    • කොටස් දෙකකට වෙන්කිරීමටද හැකිය.
    • වැදගත් සුන්දර නිස්කලන්ක පරිසරය.
    • අඩි 20 පාර.
    • නුවර කොළඹ ප්‍රධාන පාරට මීටර් 150යි.
    • ඉතා වටිනා ඉඩමකි.
    • පාසැල් බැංකු රෝහල් සුපිරි වෙලදසැල් අධිවේගී පිවිසුම ඉතා ආසන්නව.

    පර්චස් 1ක් ලක්‍ෂ 11යි. විස්තර සදහා අමතන්න 0779633640

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  • House for sale in Piliyandala

    පිලියන්දල මඩපාත නිවසක් විකිණීමට

    • කාමර 2යි
    • නානකාමර 2යි
    • කුස්සිය සාලය

    පිලියන්දල නගරයට කිමී3යි. බස් පාරට මීටර් 200යි අඩි 20 පාර ලක්‍ෂ 98යි 0779633640

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  • Two lands for sale in thalagala juntion, homagama

    හොමාගමට 3.5km දුරින්

    1. පර්චස් 37

    2. පර්චස්10

    පර්චසයක් Rs 125,000

    අමතන්න 0718032105

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  • House for sale in pannipitiya

    මහරගමට 1.5km දුරින් වටිනා නිවසක්

    • kadawala road, pannipitiya.(හයිලෙවල් පාරට ආසන්නයෙ)
    • 20 perches
    • 5 bedrooms
    • 3 bathrooms
    • servant toilet

    අමතන්න 0718032105

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  • House for sale in pannipitiya

    අංග සම්පූර්න දෙමහල් නිවසකි

    • 5 bedrooms
    • 3 bath rooms
    • dining room
    • living room
    • 11 perches
    • 280 lakhs (Rs.28,000,000)

    අමතන්න 0718032105

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  • House for sale in kottawa

    අධ්වේගී මාර්ගයට 600M  දුරින් අංග සම්පූර්න වටිනා නිවසක්

    • 8.5 perches
    • 3 bed rooms
    • 1 bath room
    • 10 million

    අමතන්න 0718032105

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  • House for sale in maharagama

    වෙරලු ගස් හංදියේ, ගැමුනු මාවතේ වටිනා නිවසක් සහා ඉඩමක්

    • 10 perches
    • dining room
    • 3 bed rooms
    • bath room
    • servant toilet

    අංග සම්පූර්න නව නිවසකි

    අමතන්න 0718032105

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  • house for sale in madapatha, piliyandala

    • 1.5 km to piliyandala town
    • 157 කහපොල බස් මාර්ගයට මුහුනලා
    • 21 perches land and two two storey houses
    • 4 bed rooms
    • 2 bath rooms
    • 2 kitchens
    • 120 lakhs(Rs.12,000,000)

    අමතන්න 0718032105

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  • House for sale in piliyandala road ,maharagama

    මහරගම වෙරලුගස් හංදියෙන් වටිනා නිවසක්

    • 3 bed rooms
    • dining room
    • bath room
    • servant toilet
    • 11 perches
    • 90 lakhs(9000,000)

    අංග සම්පූර්න නව නිවසකි

    අමතන්න 0718032105

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    කැලණිය නගරයෙන් වටිනා ඉඩමක්

    • කැලණිය රජමහා ව්හාරයට 500m
    • liyo road,sinharamulla kelaniya
    • 15 perches
    • නිරවුල් ඔප්පු සහිත හතරැස් ඉඩම
    • පර්චසයක් Rs.800,000

    අමතන්න 0716354167

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    අඹේපුස්ස දුම්රිය ස්ථානයට කි.මී . 1 යි. පර්චස් 15 ක ඉඩම රු: 750,000/- යි. Land for sale in Ambepussa
    • 1km to railway station
    • 15 perches
    • Rs.750,000/-

    Contact 0778073605 / 0716932759

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  • New House for sale in Mirigama(මීරිගම පිහිටි නව දෙමහල් නිවස )

    • 1km to Mirigama town(katana,nadun uyana)
    • 20 Perches
    • Two storey new house
    • 85 lakhs(Rs. 8,500,000/-)

    Contact : 0772044895

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  • Land For Sale In Welimada

    Land for sale in Welimada
    • 10 Acres Land.  2KM  from Welimada
    • 5 acres have  tea plantation
    • Water, Electricity facility
    • Servant Rooms

    Contact: 0767 858 775

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  • 02 Blocks of Lands for Sale in Ambegoda, Bandarawela

    අඹේගොඩ බණ්ඩාරවෙල: බණ්ඩාරවෙල නගරයට 4km දුරින්

    පර්චස් 107 බැඟින් වූ බිම් කොටස් 02 ක් විකිණීමට. දැනට පවත්වාගෙන ගෙන යන වගාවන් ගෙන් සමන්විතයි. ඉඩමට යාබදව ඔයක් ගලා බසී. පදිංචියට, වගාවට හෝ සංචාරක ව්‍යාපාරයකට සුදුසුයි. පර්චසයක් රු: 200,000/-

    වැඩි විස්තර සඳහා අමතන්න: 070 270 8468 / 0777 192230

    02 Blocks of  Land for Sale

    Location: Ambegoda, Bandarawela(4km to Bandarawela town) Land is consist of farmed, one side bordering to river. Beautiful Greenish surrounding, Ideal location for farming, Tourism business or living.

    Each Land :107 perch

    Price – 1 Perch : Rs 200,000

    Contact: 070 270 8468 / 0777 192230

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HandyBuy Deals

Hotels, Travel & Holiday Deals

  • shadow lanka tours

    plan your holiday tour  to india

    enjoy 5 days in chennai

    grab your tickets now with shadow lanka tours

    • flights and hotel both packages are include
    • 4 nights and 5 days
    • breakfast
    • up-16th march
    • down-20th march
    • ₹ 22,000 only(special offer)

    contact -0714354766/0760945566

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  • Madol Duwa Boat Safari

    A trip to the deep south of Sri Lanka is never complete without a ride in one or more of the rivers crisscrossing the Southern Sri Lanka and the numerous islets situated in them.

    If you are looking for a river safari steeped in adventure, romance and incidentally local literature, a 30-40 min trip.  We Offer you Following packages in very Reasonable Price

    Package 01 : Boat Ride to Madol Duwa

    • Safety Guaranteed
    • 30 minutes ride

    Package 02 : Ride to Madol Duwa and Four other Island to get More Experience.

    • Cinnamon island -You can experience traditional Sri Lankan Cinnamon Making Process & taste a sip of complimentary cinnamon Tea.
    • Bird island
    • Temple island
    • Fish island

    Contact Dilhan  : 077 877 3464

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  • Suri Retreat villa

    Always open
    Business details
    Price range
    Call 077 443 4197
    Located just 11.3 km from Negombo Beach Park in Negombo, Suri Retreat Villa provides a getaway with a garden, outdoor pool, free WiFi, and a 24-hour front desk. The chalet has access to a restaurant.
    The air-conditioned chalet is composed of 1 separate bedroom, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen with a dishwasher and microwave, and 2 bathrooms. A flat-screen TV with satellite channels is provided.
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  • Villa 45 – Balapitiya, Sri Lanka – Live the Vacation You’ve always wanted with Luxury Villa In Sri Lanka

    Villa 45 located in Balapitiya, chirping of birds and the tranquillising view of the Madu River is offered free of Charge for all who visit the Villa 45. In every step you take a charm and elegance with comfort and peacefulness will embrace you with the warm hospitality, appetising cuisine and the friendly and helpful staff who are just waiting to full fill your every need.

    Swimming Pool / Free wi-fi / Fully Air Conditioned comfortable rooms

    Natural and cosy atmosphere.


    • Airport Transfers
    • Side sea tours /
    • Madu river tours
    • Turtle Farm
    • Cycling Tours
    • Siding Service

    MEET US : No.45/1, Station Road, Balapitiya, Sri Lanka

    PHONE : +94 777 293 998

    EMAIL : info@villa45.lk

    WEBSITE :  http://www.villa45.lk

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  • Rock House Travels -Sri Lanka

    Rock House Travels & Tours

    Rock house travels and tours is an inbound and outbound destination management company, providing travel arrangements & resort/ hotel bookings for the world’s most spectacular holidaying destinations – Sri Lanka and overseas.

    Why choose us

    • Our priority is to give you an unforgettable experience for your budget
    • Arrange tailor made tours to suit special interests.
    • Proper response within a few minutes.
    • Satisfaction guarantee.
    • Best MICE movement handling
    • Experience team with inbound & outbound travel trade

    Address : No 22/1, Gangarama Road, WeWala, Piliyandala, Sri Lanka

    Phone : +94 11 421 4533 | +94 75 811 1702 | +94 77 768 2107

    Email:  info.rhtravels@gmail.com

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  • Adventure Base Camp Kithulgala

    Adventure Base Camp Kithulgala is the best place for those who want to flee from their busy life and live their life!!!!  All you will hear is the sizzling and drizzling sound of the kelani river!!!!
    • White Water Rafting
    • Rock Sliding
    • Adventure Tour
    • Rope Course
    • Biking
    • Waterfall Abseiling
    • Team Building Program
    • Overnight Camping

    For More Information & Reservation

    Contact : 0773069903 /// 0777830870 /// 0767769903 

    Web: www.adventurebckkitulgala.com
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  • Rockside Beach Resort …. Situated in Induruwa; one of the city’s most popular locales

    Rockside Beach Resort is ideally situated in Induruwa; one of the city's most popular locales...

    For More Details Contact: +94715810595 / +94342271273

    Email : rocksidebeachresort@yahoo.com /// rocksidebeachresort@gmail.com
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    Located 23 km from Buduruwagala Temple, Nature Hub Koslanda provides accommodation with a shared lounge, a garden and a shared kitchen for your convenience. The country house features both WiFi and private parking free of charge.
    • A flat-screen TV with DVD player, private bathroom with free toiletries, and a kitchen with fridge are provided in certain units.
    • A à la carte breakfast is available daily at Nature Hub Koslanda.
    • The accommodation offers a terrace.
    • A bicycle rental service is available at Nature Hub Koslanda, while cycling and fishing can be enjoyed nearby.
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  • Graten Golf Villa Ingiriya

    • With Mini 9 Hole Golf Course Ideal for Beginners to Practice Putting and Chipping.
    • A Beautiful Swimming Pool is Situated at the Edge of the Garden.
    • Just 1 1/2 Hours from Colombo.
    • Graten Golf Villa  Consists of 6 Luxury Double Bedrooms with A/C and Hot Water.
    Location: Maputugala Road, Poruwadanda, 12440, Ingiriya, Sri Lanka

    Contact : 0777 378 607 / 034 22 08 865

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  • C-Lanka Family Guest House

    C-Lanka Family Guest House is located in Bentota.

    Each air-conditioned room here will provide you with a seating area. Featuring a shower, private bathroom comes with free toiletries. You can enjoy garden view from the balcony.

    An array of activities can be enjoyed on site or in the surroundings, Including cycling, fishing and diving. We offers free parking.

    We speak your language!!!!

    Contact : Mr. Ariyarathne Lenora

    Email - ariyarathnelenora@gmail.com

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  • HOLIDAY BUNGALOWS – Enjoy your holiday season

    A holiday is an opportunity to journey within. It is also a chance to chill, to relax. Enjoy your holiday season with

    For More Information Call Oscar Rodrigoe

    (Reservations/ Coordinator)OSRO HOLIDAY BUNGALOWS Hot Line: 071 - 3293257 / 076- 2606627

    What's App - 077 0851821      
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  • Green Shadow Hotel Kalutara

    Contact Info

    Green Shadow Beach Hotel Kudawaskaduwa, Waskaduwa, Kalutara Sri Lanka

    +94 34 2236233 +94 77 9927214 +94 34 2236223(fax)

    Greenshadows@sltnet.lk info@greenshadowsbeachhotel.com

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  • Imperial Safari Jeep Tours Sri Lanka -Yala National Park/Udawalawe National Park/ Bundala National Park

    Imperial Safari Jeep Tours

    We are a safari jeep tour company established in the year 2011. The wealth of experience which we have gained throughout the years has enabled us to give our customers the best safari tours in some of the most famous national parks in Sri Lanka.


    Yala National Park, B499 , Palatupana,

    HotLine/ WhatsApp: +94 (0) 77 088 2944

    Email: info@imperialyalasafari.com

    For More Details Please Visit Our Web: www.imperialyalasafari.com

    Yala National Park  Sri Lanka

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  • Isuru Garden Rest – Nuwara- Eliya (Set in Nuwara Eliya, 1.5 km from Gregory Lake)

    Set in Nuwara Eliya, 1.5 km from Gregory Lake.

    Isuru Garden Rest boasts a barbecue and children's playground.
    • 2 Bungalows for 65 persons
    • Comfortable 10 rooms with attached B/Room
    • Cook Available
    • Vehicle Parking
    • Vehicle facilities for Tours Near Nuwara-Eliya Town (Ambewela Rd)
    • Hot Water
    • Wedding Hall

    Contact : 071 420 877 9

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  • Aqua Pearl Lake Resort Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

    Aqua Pearl Lake Resort invites you to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body while embracing the serene beauty of nature. A unique resort by the bank of Bolgoda river is a thriving oasis which offers you a great holiday experience and memories to treasure for a life time.


    • A quiet and a tranquil getaway for honeymooners
    • Weekend buffet with a vast selection of scrumptious dishes
    • Swimming pool facilities
    • Ample garden space for outdoor activities
    • Comprehensive conference
    • 2 A/C and two non-A/C banquet halls                                                                                               

    Contact us

     201, Galkanuwa Road, Gorakana, Moratuwa.  +94 382 232 960 / 094 4381283  / +94 114 376 363  +94 76 6440 440  +94 112 715 291 ONLY FAX  aquapearl@sltnet.lk
    Hot Line : 076  644 0440
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  • Jasmine Villa- Habarana, Sri Lanka

    Habarana inn / Jasmine Villa

          Western / Eastern (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

    • 10 Rooms
    • Attached Bathroom
    • With Wifi, Peo TV, Hot Water
    • Near to Lodge Village
    • Parking Available
    • Jungle Safari/ Kawdulla
    • 01 Day  Sigiriya
    • 01 Day Polonnaruwa
    • 01 Day Anuradapura

    Contact: +94 (0) 728 751 833 

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  • THE WHITE HAVEN HOTEL – (Enjoy your Holiday in Renovated Star Class Hotel)

    Spacial Discounted Rate:

    Nett Rs:4500/- FB per person

    Nett Rs:2000 above 5 to 12 year

    • Swimming Pool / BBQ facilities / Walking distance for Beach
    • Ideal Place for Corporate Events & Outdoor Events l Banquet Facilities

    For inquiries call: 0302 240 519-21

    Fax: 0382 240 290   Hotline: 0775 909 966

    Thalpitiya North, Panadura, Sri Lanka.

    Please click on the following links to visit our web Site:

    whitehav@sol.lk  /  www.whitehavenhotel.lk

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  • Ritigala Lodge Habarana, Sri Lanka

    • Located in Habarana.
    • 11.3 km from Ritigala Forest Monastery.
    • Ritigala Lodge features a garden and views of the pool.
    • Featuring room service, this property also provides guests with a sun terrace.
    • The resort provides lake views, an outdoor pool, a 24-hour front desk, and free WiFi is available.

    Contact : 076 778 00 68

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  • Sunrise Holiday Resort, Habarana, Sri Lanka

    Sunrise Holiday Resort

    Holiday Sunrise Resort is a 5-minute walk from Habarana Town and a 10-minute drive from Habarana Railway Station. Colombo International Airport is a 4-hour drive away.
    • Simply furnished, rooms come with wooden furnishings and windows that provide natural light. All the air-conditioned units are equipped with a mosquito net, seating area and private patio.
    • Guests can enjoy Ayurvedic massages at the spa, cycle, or take a stroll in the garden. Staff at the tour desk can organise safari trips to Minireya Park and Kawudulla Park.
    • Local and international dishes are offered at the open-air restaurant. In-room dining options are also possible with room service.

    Contact: (+94) 0 777 82 34 14

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  • Lucky Homestay Habarana – නිස්කලංක පරිසරයක සුවය විඳින්න හබරණ ලකීහෝම් ස්ටේ .

    • Located 1.7 km from Habarana Lake, Lucky Homestay offers a garden, a bar and accommodation with a balcony and free WiFi.
    • There is a seating and a dining area in all units.
    • A continental breakfast is available daily at the bed and breakfast.
    • Lucky Homestay offers a terrace.
    • Ritigala Forest Monastery is 24 km from the accommodation.We speak your language!

    Address Lucky Homestay

    kashyapagama Road Habarana Habarana Sri Lanka

    Contact : 071 514 4474

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Furniture/Home & Garden

Beauty Salon & SPA Deals

  • Salon Looks – Maharagama

    Salon Looks, well experienced Squad is always ready to make you look better.♥️

    We make you shine bright among all..

    Categories :

    Hair Salon, Skin Care, Tanning Salon

    • Hair Cut/Colour
    • Hair Style
    • Bridal Dressing
    223,High Level Road
    Maharagama, Sri Lanka